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  • ParaDoc is made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • My 7 year old son seems to get threadworms a lot and I have been worried about giving him Ovex...
  • ParaDoc seems to have worked and my children don't mind swallowing the capsules...
  • Thank you very much for an effective natural alternative...

ParaDoc is a 100% natural formulation that promotes body health and that assists with the control of internal parasites.

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Welcome to ParaDoc - Herbal Worming For Your Family.

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There are over 1,000 species of parasites that could live in the human body of both adults and children. Eradicating them can avoid many problems that may be hard to diagnose. Taking the right herbal blend every day is a natural way of protecting yourself against parasites, and tracking them down and eliminating them should you already have them (you may not even know they are resident.)

Just a few daily capsules or drops of liquid ParaDoc, a natural herbal wormer made by our UK based herbal worming specialists, is an easy way to help maintain a healthy digestive system. This is suitable for both children (over 4 years old) and adults, a natural worming solution which contains no chemicals.

Petrochemical pharmaceutical applications generally only rid the human body of one or maybe two types of parasite at a time. Herbal preparations for worming are different, killing the adult parasites and their larvae and eggs by building an environment in the gut that is hostile to them. ParaDoc specialises in natural worming by blending organic herbs that target every parasite in every area of the human body. These herbs are an affective, safe and natural wormer for humans and a herbal worming solution that  is lethal for parasites but non-toxic to you or your children.

It is important to note that as a company we do believe that there is a place for pharmaceutical preparations for many modern daily circumstances.


For conditions such as a parasite burden we believe that it is sensible to use herbal treatments that have stood the test of time, thousands of years, which is why we offer our natural wormer as an effective choice.

ParaDoc herbal wormer

Produced in the UK for Paddocks Farm Products Ltd, TA4 2HQ, UK.

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